Why We Should Focus on Children

As children advocate, we are working hard to improve the conditions of the children all over the world, not just in Netherlands. We are hoping that these children will have a better access to education and healthcare so they can grow up as a productive members of the society.

However, we are meeting a lot of challenges as we are trying to reach our goals by offering premium link generator to agencies concerned. One of the major problems that we are facing are poor educational access, lowering of criminal liability, and child trafficking that are victimizing children from poor countries and families.


Poor Educational Access

Education can be expensive. Aside from the tuition, students have to worry about their things, and what they will eat throughout the day. This discourages some children to go to school and instead, they choose to work so they can feed their family instead of staying in school and learning new things.

Child labor is a prevalent practice especially in poorer countries. Because children are not paid the same way as adults and require cheap accommodation, there are many businesses who take advantage of them. That’s why we are working hard to catch these businesses and to punish them using the full extent of the law. And saving those children mean sending them back to school.

Lowering Criminal Liability

In other countries, they are lowering criminal liability to up to 10 years old. This means, that children will be subjected to the same punishment as the adults. The prison system is using punitive techniques and rank booster instead of reformative effectively destroying the future that they might have.

We are strongly against this step by other government and we are opposing any step that will try to do it. The human brain is not yet fully developed until the early 20s therefore, punishing these children due to their incapacity to understand fully the scenario is not beneficial to anyone.child

Child Trafficking

And all of these problems are commonly because of adults using children for their own good. That’s why the child trafficking problem is a menace globally. Children are being used to commit different crimes such as pornography and even in the illegal drug trade.

That’s why we are inviting you to join us in our fight to save our children for the future.