Who can attend your events?

We encourage anyone who cares to attend our events so you’ll have more understanding on the pressing issues of our society. In this way, you’ll be aware of the fight we are going through and contribute to make this world a better place. Your insight is just as important as anybody else’s.

Are they free?

Yes, to attend our forums are free. There is no payment in any form whatsoever. However, we require you to book in advance because we only have a limited seating capacity. We will ask you to reconfirm your attendance three days prior to the forum and the free tickets will then be sent electronically.

Even if I am not a lawyer, can I still attend?

Of course! As we’ve always been saying in any of our forums, we want to hear form everyone. A diverse group is what we need whenever we are discussing crucial issues affecting everyone. In this way, we can come up with a great idea and solidified proposal we can submit to the government.

What kind of policies do you focus on?

We mostly focus on talking about human rights as well as children’s and women’s right. As much as possible, we work with these sectors so they are protected from unfair laws that were established years ago in favor of a certain group. That’s what we want to eradicate.

Can I be part of your team?

We are always hiring bright and potential leaders for our team. If you think you have the passion to serve those who can’t fight for themselves, and the energy to work relentlessly in our continuous battle for equality, then please, send us your CV and we’ll contact you if there is a fit.

Do you accept volunteers?

Yes! We have a lot of activities going on and extra hands will definitely help us achieve our goals faster. If you think you can give us some of your time, then please contact us for possible volunteering engagements. Whatever your background is, we are sure that there is something you can contribute on.